$10,081 in Student Success Grants Awarded for 2022-2023 School Year


Outdoor Classroom Chestnut Hill Community School

Grant funding will be used to transform a concrete slab in back of the library into an outdoor learning classroom, with seven benches that convert to tables, a retractable crank awning and a mobile whiteboard. Studies have shown benefits to students’ mental and physical health when learning outside and outdoor learning can improve behavior and academic motivation. Chestnut Hill will join Cold Spring and Swift River Schools, which have received grants for outdoor classrooms in past grant cycles.

Kinesthetic Seating Belchertown High School

This grant will provide kinesthetic seating such as a treadmill desk, pedal desk, exercise ball with base and more, intended to support neurodiverse students who require frequent movement breaks throughout the school day. Research indicates these kinds of seating options help students to increase focus and attention on learning. The goal is that fewer breaks from learning will be taken as students can move while they are learning. 


Alternative Seating for the SAILS Program Swift River Elementary School

The purpose of this grant project is to improve the physical space and resources of the SAILS Program to support student’s social, emotional and learning needs. The grant supports six adjustable wobble stools  and six bean bag chairs to maximize their learning potential, building on the Belchertown Education Foundation’s past investment in the SAILS Program. 


Biotech Equipment Belchertown High School

Grant funding will support purchase of state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis equipment to provide more students with hands-on STEM experiences in the field of biotechnology. This equipment purchase will free-up the school’s current gel electrophoresis systems for use in Biology and Honors Biology classes, and provide AP Biology students opportunities to present demonstrations to younger peers. Hands-on scientific experiences such as these encourage students to consider careers in a variety of STEM fields which is important since  Massachusetts has more demand for STEM jobs than almost every other state.


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