More than $16,000 in Student Success Grants Awarded for 2023-2024 School Year


Jabish Brook Middle School: Marching Band Drum Harness Replacement

This grant funds the purchase of 25 ergonomically correct marching drum harnesses for Jabish Brook Middle School marching band. The previous harnesses are over 20 years old, and passed down from the high school, well-worn and in disrepair. The new carriers are lightweight, adjustable and more suited to the size and abilities of a middle school percussionist and will be in use at parades and other events for many years to come.

Belchertown High School: Helping More Students Become Proficient in Multiple Languages

The World Language Department has been awarded a grant to help more students in the district achieve the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy for being proficient in both English and another language. Grant funding supports assessment costs for state exams which are not paid for by the school district. Exams can be taken as diagnostic tools in junior year to help teachers focus learning to help students achieve proficiency as seniors. Biliteracy can aid in college admissions and future careers.


Swift River Elementary School:  Social, Emotional and Self-regulation Learning Resources for Pathways Program

The grant for the Pathways Program will fund wobble stools, bean bag chairs, floor pillows, noise canceling headphones and other materials to improve upon the physical space and resources supporting students’ social, emotional and learning needs. The Pathways Program is a self-contained or partial-inclusion special education classroom for students in grades 1-3.


Belchertown High School: Therapeutic Tools to Maximize Learning in the ORIOLES Classroom

The grant continues to improve upon the physical space of the ORIOLES Program classroom through flexible seating options, alternative lighting, and sensory/therapeutic tools to maximize learning potential and meet social-emotional needs. Students will be actively involved in the process of creating the enhanced environment. The ORIOLES program includes a special education classroom for students in grades 9-12.


Chestnut Hill Community School: Enriching STEM Curriculum Through Creative Collaboration Workshop

Over a two-day workshop, an estimated 200 fourth graders at Chestnut Hill will experience a hands-on building program that enriches the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum. Creating objects with numerous kinds of building materials, students work collaboratively in small groups, explore, innovate and create solutions together.


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