$17,643 in Student Success Grants Awarded for 2021-2022 

Jabish Brook Watershed Investigation, Jabish Brook Middle School

Funds support the teaching of science in a real world setting along the Jabish Brook watershed. Over several weeks, students will perform scientific investigations by working in groups to conduct research, develop experiments, collect and analyze data and finally present their results at a symposium attended by staff and family. This project provides student experiences in science and engineering that can stimulate interest in careers in science.

Social, Emotional and Self Regulation Learning Resources for the SAILS Program, Swift River Elementary School                                                                                                

Funds improve upon the physical space and resources of the SAILS Program to support student’s social, emotional and learning needs. Available resources currently do not meet the needs of the population and this grant provides flexible seating, calming light and music, carpet mats, a wipe board, sensory materials and resources that create a safe, calming, therapeutic learning environment.

Outdoor Learning Center, Cold Spring School                                                                                         

An outdoor learning center with convertible benches provides a place for many hands-on learning activities for students. They will be able to discover, experiment, learn about and connect to the natural world, and engage in environmental and adventure activities. Studies have shown benefits to children’s mental and physical health when they spend time learning outside and outdoor learning can improve behavior and academic motivation.

Flexible Seating, Chestnut Hill Community School                                                                        

Building upon a 2020-2021 grant that brought positive benefits to a limited number of  students through flexible seating options, this new grant brings wobble stools and saddle desks to all 16 special education and inclusion classrooms. Alternative seating benefits a variety of student learning styles, and increases self-awareness, social acceptance and attentiveness to academic content.

Multicultural Book Cart, Chestnut Hill Community School                                                                

Chestnut Hill’s school pillars of respect, integrity, safety and empathy are supported through this project that brings diverse and multicultural literature to fourth grade students. This book cart shared among four classrooms is a new initiative that provides teachers with the opportunity to integrate literature-based social emotional lessons within their classroom through picture books and chapter books, highlighting respect and empathy toward others.

Building-Wide Sensory Support Lighting, Chestnut Hill Community School                                   

This grant supports fluorescent light covers for the cafeteria, main hallways, nurse’s office, special education and other areas, creating softer white light that reduces visual and sensory strain and creates a calming environment shown to improve learning. This school-wide atmospheric change benefits students and staff for years to come.