Formed in May of 2016 in response to the ongoing fiscal constraints experienced by our public school system, the Belchertown Education Foundation (BEF) is now a charitable organization with non-profit, 501(c)3 status governed by a board of directors. The organization is self-funded and dependent upon generous contributions from community members, businesses, school alumni and families.

Our Mission

The mission of the BEF is to support Belchertown public schools in providing an enriching educational experience that supports the academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits of Belchertown’s students as they develop into well-educated and well-rounded young adults.

We accomplish this by:

  • Bringing the community together in fundraising and garnering broad community support for Belchertown public schools
  • Encouraging educational innovation, creativity and excellence
  • Funding projects through our Student Success Grants program that have the potential for broad impact, long-term impact, and/or making a significant difference in the social, emotional, and educational experience of students, regardless of the numbers served
  • Working in partnership with the school district to understand strategic educational priorities that will inform, but not dictate, the BEF’s funding choices

Board of Directors

Jim Mugford

Lesley Mugford


Stephen Bourgeois

Jennifer Faulkner

Heather St. Germaine

Katherine Tungate

*Open Position*

*Open Position*